Geocomposites include geotextile bonded to at least one side of the geonet. The geonets/geocomposites are laid in geotechnical construction sites in the direction of expected drainage flow geocomposite consists of a combination of geotextiles, geogrids, geonets and/or geomembranes in a factory fabricated unit. Also, any one of these four materials can be combined with another synthetic material (e.g., deformed plastic sheets or steel cables) or even with soil. As examples, a geonet with geotextiles on both surfaces and a GCL consisting of a geotextile/bentonite/geotextile sandwich are both geocomposites.

This specific category brings out the best creative efforts of the engineer and manufacturer. The application areas are numerous and constantly growing. The major functions encompass the entire range of functions listed for geosynthetics discussed previously; separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and containment

Features :
  • Drainage for tunnel anti-leakage, sewage disposal,
  • Roadbed and road shoulder of highway, railway,
  • Remaining wall back(vertically and horizontally),
  • On or in slope of fill and bank and underground buildings,
  • Soft bed disposal,green field of sport field, roof garden,
  • Garbage burying field and other works.